Your Team Will Do What You Do

Building a successful dōTERRA® business is hard work, but it should not be difficult. Many people have already found a model that works and now it is your turn to follow this system so that your team can replicate your steps.

I am sure you’ve heard the saying…

“Birds of feather flock together.”

Your dōTERRA® business is no different and the builders who try to recreate the wheel often struggle and eventually give up due to perceived difficulty.

The Share Success training system is currently being deployed by thousands of Wellness Advocates from around the world and starting on Wednesday, June 14th we are officially beginning the next 30 Day Launch for all of our builders.

What You Will Learn

This comprehensive training will become your catalyst for success as it is based on “what works.” During our 30 day business builder focus group I will take you through the Share Success Launch Guide so that you can learn the following:

-How to build a name list
-Setting goals
-Scheduling Classes and One-on-One Appointments
-The key activities that we will be doing to share dōTERRA®
-Daily PIPES
-Sharing with Confidence
-And sooooo much more!

I am also happy to answer any questions, so please be vocal during this experience!

Hosted by:

Katey Kautz

The Perfect Opportunity for Your Team, Too

We have been told that our Launch Focus Group is not only life-changing for the attendees, but also for the teams where leaders step up and commit to this experience. My hope and desire is that you also consider inviting 100% of your builders to sign up for this training as this experience will get everyone on the same page and with the same foundation for success.

I am excited to guide you starting on Wednesday, June 14th